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Wealth99 App | AU | How do I verify my account?


As a regulated company, we are required to identify the users of our platform. This is to ensure we comply with the relevant KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) laws in the jurisdictions in which we operate. Therefore, all users must be approved on our full verification process, including personal and address verification which helps protect Wealth99 users from theft or fraud and helps prevent abuse of the Wealth99 platform. Check out why you need to verify your account.


To complete the verification of your account follow the below instructions:

1. Log in to your Wealth99 Australia account, and click on "Start Verification".

2. Insert your first name, last name, and DOB, and click "Next".


4. Insert your occupation, and click "Next".

5.  Choose the purpose of the account and the source of funds, and click "Next".

6. Enter your address details, and click "Next".


7. Click on "Submit ID" to complete your identity submission.

8. Click on "Get Started".

9. Choose the ID issuing country and click "Select country".


10. Choose which photo ID you wish to upload: Driver's license or passport.

11. Allow camera access and take a picture of the selected ID.

12. See the picture taken - if the information isn't clear you can choose to "Retake", if not, choose "Looks good".

13. Click on "Get Started" to take a selfie to confirm your identity


14. Your identity verification is now in process, we aim to get this completed within 1 business day.

You will receive an email informing you if your profile has been approved or if there's an error that needs to be corrected - please check your junk mail and ensure to add our email address to your contacts

15. Once your identity verification has been approved, the next step is the 2FA. Click on "Next: 2FA" to start.


16. There are two 2FA options: Google Authenticator and SMS code. We recommend keeping both activated at all times. Click on "Google Authenticator" or "SMS code" to start the 2FA activation.

  • Google Authenticator: see it here for detailed instructions on how to activate it.
  • SMS Code: see it here for detailed instructions on how to activate it.


17. All done! Your account is now fully verified.




Please note that you will not be able to receive, trade, transfer coins to another Wealth99 account, or withdraw fiat until your account verification is complete.