How to turn on repeat orders with Auto Buy


The Auto Buy feature allows you to set up an automated recurring purchase of an individual coin or bundle. All you need to do is activate the Auto Buy, select the frequency and how many times you'd like this purchase to repeat, and our system will do the rest for you.


Please see below the instructions on how to activate the Auto Buy when placing an order:




1. On the left menu of your Wealth99 account, go to “Buy and sell” and select “Coin”.

2. On the drop-down menu, choose the coin you’d like to purchase.

3. Select "Buy" and activate the Auto Buy by switching it on.

4. Choose the wallet you wish to use to purchase the coin or token by clicking on the 'Pay with' drop-down.

5. Enter the amount you wish to purchase.

6. Select the frequency you'd like the purchase to repeat by clicking on the 'Frequency' drop-down – The options are daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

7. Enter how many times you'd like the purchase to repeat by inserting the number – The minimum number of repeats is 2, and the maximum number of repeats is 360.

  • To set up unlimited repeats in an order, please switch on the 'Until cancel' button. In this case, the order will repeat itself using the wallet selected until canceled. 

8. See the total recurring order amount and click "Place Order".

9. Double-check all order details and click "Confirm".

10. All done. Your Auto Buy order has been successfully completed. You can check your open orders by clicking on "Show my Auto Buy Orders".



Check out how to can cancel an Auto Buy open order, here.