How do I withdraw my Dacxi Coins from Wealth99?


Due to our new security protocols and our shift to a wealth platform, we no longer support crypto withdrawals at Wealth99 Australia and will need to manage any client Dacxi coin withdrawal requests internally to ensure they are done safely and securely. For any questions regarding this update, please refer to our frequently asked questions here. Before we can begin this process, please make sure the following steps are complete:


  • Account Verification (KYC) - Ensure that your Wealth99 account is fully verified by completing the KYC verification process. Learn more about KYC here
  • Destination Exchange Account - Dacxi Coins can only be withdrawn to approved external exchanges that list the Dacxi Coin - these include HitBTC and P2B. Prior to initiating the process, make sure you have a verified account with one of these exchanges, along with a valid wallet address.


The steps:


  1. The Form: Start by completing the following form. You will receive an email from us if we require any further information. 
  2. The Withdrawal Process: Once you complete the form, follow these steps to transfer your desired amount of Dacxi Coins (subject to limits):
    1. From your Wealth99 account dashboard, go to the 'Transfer' tab in the left-hand menu.
    2.  Choose 'Dacxi Coin' under 'Transfer from'.
    3. Enter the amount of Dacxi Coins you wish to withdraw.

      01 EDIT

    4. Include the destination email as:

      02 EDIT

    5. In the notes section, include 'For Dacxi Withdrawal'.
    6. Review your order and then click 'Transfer DACXI'.

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    7. There's a double verification process to complete the transfer:

      • First, you’ll receive a code on your registered email address.
      • Once you enter the code in the designated boxes,  you’ll be required to Enter the 2FA code from the Google Authenticator application. If the 2FA hasn’t been activated through Google Authenticator, you’ll receive the code via SMS.

  3. Confirmation and Processing: After successfully receiving your Dacxi Coins and processing your order you will receive a confirmation text message and email from our operations team (using the contact details provided on your folder). Please allow 1-2 working days for your order to be fully processed.




  • Each transaction incurs a 0.5% withdrawal fee along with blockchain fees.
  • The weekly transfer limit is 1 million Dacxi Coins.

As always, for any queries, reach out to us at We’re here to help.