Withdrawal limit | Fiat and crypto


Here's the daily and weekly withdrawal limit amount for both fiat and crypto:


Wealth99 Global 

Weekly withdrawal limit (fiat and crypto): 100,000 GBP/EUR

Fiat - Daily withdrawal limit: 20,000 GBP/EUR

Crypto - Daily withdrawal limit: 40,000 GBP/EUR


DACXI has a temporary weekly withdrawal limit of 5K to support the building of liquidity on multiple exchanges. In parallel, we are committed to driving sustainable liquidity through marketing investment and additional exchange listings. Our focus remains to build the success of our coin as we progress to the launch of the Dacxi Chain. 


Wealth99 Australia

Fiat - Weekly withdrawal limit: 100,000 AUD

Fiat - Daily withdrawal limit: 20,000 AUD


Start of day: 00:00h GMT time
Start of the week: Monday




Crypto withdrawals are available at Wealth99 Global only.