Why can't I see my transaction on the blockchain?


Wealth99 is not a decentralized exchange so we don't record any internal trades on the blockchain. You'll notice the same when trading on any other major centralized exchange.

The way that the Wealth99 Platform works is that we store the funds in our own wallets and do the trades in an off-chain manner. This helps to speed up transaction times and makes sure that we can maintain an incredibly high standard of security for all funds on the Platform.

The balance consolidation is done when users deposit and withdraw, which is then recorded to the blockchain. You will be able to see these transactions on any block explorer. But any trades or peer-to-peer transactions done on the platform will be recorded on our own ledgers.

In other words, platforms such as Wealth99 act as one single blockchain address. This is why all Wealth99 coin funds are currently in one wallet (our cold wallet).

If you are looking for a way to find your transactions sent or received from an external wallet on the blockchain, please visit the How do I find my Transaction ID (TxID) article.