What is a Precious Metals Bundle?


Wealth99 Precious Metals Bundle allows everyday investors to purchase any amount of Gold, Silver, and Platinum as a digital token. The underlying precious metals for each token are 100% backed by the physical metal, stored in ABC Bullion’s vaults, and fully insured. Precious metals are represented by crypto-tokens backed by physical assets.


  1. The portfolio is made up of 60% gold, 30% silver, and 10% platinum.
  2. Just decide the amount to spend and the system allocates coins on a fixed proven ratio.
  3. You can sell any of your Precious Metals coins individually at any time on the Wealth99 Platform.
  4. The minimum order is $100/€100/£100 for the first purchase. 
  5. The minimum order for subsequent purchases is $50/€50/£50.


More information on the Precious Metal Bundle can be found here.