What is a Blue Chip Bundle?


The Blue Chip Bundle is the simplest and smartest entry into the crypto growth market today. You are buying the three biggest ‘Blue Chip’ cryptos in the same ratios that the world’s largest financial institutions have stated they are buying or offering to clients. 

  1. A bundle of these three Blue Chip coins outperformed Bitcoin in the last boom by 100%.
  2. Once purchased, you can sell coins individually at any time.
  3. The bundle is made up of 50% Bitcoin, 40% Ether, and 10% Litecoin.
  4. The minimum order is $100/€100/£100 for the first purchase. 
  5. The minimum order for subsequent purchases is $50/€50/£50.


Nearly everyone can buy a Blue Chip Bundle, as long as you’re 18 or over, and based in one of our authorized countries. 


See Wealth99 countries restrictions.