Wealth99 App | How do I change my account email address?


In order for you to change the email address, your account needs to be verified and your 2 Factor Authenticator needs to be enabled. Here is the step-by-step on how to do it:


1. Once logged in to your account, click the 'Menu' icon at the top page's left corner and go to "Settings".

2. On the "Account" tab, click “Change E-mail" to enter the new email address.


3. Insert the new email address, the one-time 2 Factor Authenticator code, and click "Confirm"


4. You will receive a confirmation email to ensure you're the one who requested the change. Double-check if the new email is correct and click "Click here to confirm this email address" to confirm.


5. All done. The next time you sign in you'll use the new email address.