Understanding the Buy & Sell page | Bundles



Buy & Sell page

The Buy & Sell page is divided into two sections: Coins and Bundles.

Bundles: Bundles are packages of crypto.


Bundles page

All the bundles available on the Wealth99 Platform will be displayed on the right side menu - You’ll also find useful information about each bundle, such as the coins included and their respective percentage.

1. Precious Metals Bundle: Made up of 60% gold, 10% platinum, and 30% silver.

2. Blue Chip Bundle: Made up of 50% Bitcoin, 40% Ether, and 10% Litecoin.

3. Blue Ocean Bundle: Made up of 20% Cardano, 20% Polkadot, 20% Solana, 20% Avalanche, and 20% Dacxi Coin.


Inside the Bundle page

All bundles have the same information.

1. The bundle name

2. Information about the bundle

3. Latest orders 

4. Auto Buy button

5. Pay with drop-down: where you can choose a wallet to pay for the purchase.

6. Amount filed: where you can enter the amount you wish to purchase.

7. The amount of each coin you will receive and the trading fee applied to the transaction.

8. Place Order button.