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Tokenized Precious Metals FAQ


Do I own the precious metals?

Each precious metal token, or fraction of a token sold, is 100% backed by the physical metals in vaults. One token = One troy ounce. Each month Wealth99 prepares an independent report to confirm the validity of the tokens.


What is the total supply of Precious Metal Tokens?

Gold (TASG): 100,000 tokens (100,000 troy ounces)

Silver (TASS): 1,000,000 tokens (1,000,000 troy ounces)

Platinum (TASP): 25,000 tokens (25,000 troy ounces)


How are the precious metals stored? 

Each issued Precious Metal Token in circulation is backed by one troy ounce of the underlying metal bought and stored in the vaults of reputable bullion dealers.


How do I buy and sell Precious Metal Tokens?

You can buy and sell Precious Metal tokens on the Wealth99 Platform. More information on how to buy and sell tokens on the Wealth99 Platform can be found here.


What are the fees associated with Precious Metal tokens?

There are no transaction fees associated with the purchase or sale of precious metal tokens. However, you may be charged fees to redeem the physical metal. 


How can I redeem the physical metal?

Token owners have the ability to redeem their tokens into physical bars via the Over-the-counter process. Minimum redemption amounts are applicable for physical metals subject to the Terms of Sale.


For more information, see below the blockchain address of each of them:

Tokenized Asset Solutions Gold (TASG) 

Tokenized Asset Solutions Silver (TASS)

Tokenized Asset Solutions Platinum (TASP)