The Japanese Market


Japan has always been a positive market for crypto yet in 2019 regulations were changed which has forced Wealth99 to review its account rules at this stage. We are working hard to find an effective solution. 


What will happen to my account and balances?

If you are located in Japan, your account and coin balances will still be on our Platform. We will only be freezing the accounts so that you are unable to buy more coins or transact. Your access to the account remains unchanged. You can log in at any time to view your balances. 


Why wasn’t I told earlier when I invested in Wealth99?

The rules in crypto are changing often.  


I am a Japanese citizen residing in Australia. Can I open an account?

Yes. If you are a Japanese citizen currently residing in Australia or the UK, you can register on our Platform. 


When will the restriction be lifted?

Wealth99 is working on a solution currently.


Can I move my coins out to an external wallet?

Yes. If you want to move your coins to an external wallet, we can help you transfer them to an external wallet upon compliance analysis. Simply submit a request, choose My Account > Compliance, and let us know.