Refer a Friend


Refer a friend and receive a one-off referral bonus once they've completed their first purchase. 


What do I need to do to take part in the Refer a Friend campaign?

To qualify for referring other customers and receiving a bonus, you must first complete at least one purchase, whether it's bundles or individual coins. Once this purchase is completed, your account status will change to "Customer," granting you a referral link and code to share with friends. You can check your current account status by clicking here


How do I refer a friend?

If your account status is "Customer", you can refer a friend by simply sharing your referral link or referral code with them. The referred must use your referral link/code to sign up or add your referral code on the Referral Dashboard before making its first purchase.

See here how to find your referral link and code. 


How much is the bonus for referring a friend?

It's a one-off bonus of 5000 Dacxi Coins paid to the introducer, for every customer referred that makes their first purchase. Through our Buyback system, the Dacxi Coin bonus is automatically converted to fiat, and the correspondent amount is credited to the introducer's account balance.


How does the Buyback system work?

The Buyback is processed automatically to your fiat wallet whenever you receive a referral bonus. So every time you receive a referral bonus in Dacxi Coins, we buy them back for your default fiat currency and automatically allocate it to your wallet. On your transaction history, you'll be able to see the bonus of 5000 Dacxi Coins and the conversion to fiat through the Buyback system. 


Is there a maximum limit of customers that I can refer and receive a bonus?

There is no maximum number of referred customers you can receive a bonus for, you can refer as many friends as you'd like. The more friends you refer, the more you receive. 



  • Introducer: Customer who introduces another person to the Wealth99 platform using a Referral Code or a Link.
  • Referral Code: A code that connects a customer to the referring user.
  • Referral Link: A link that connects a customer to the referring user. 
  • One-off Bonus: A fixed bonus paid to the introducer once the referred account has completed its KYC and first purchase.
  • Buyback: Wealth99 system that automatically converts the DACXI bonus to your default Fiat currency.


Important Guidelines

  • The bonus will be the same regardless of the amount purchased by the referred. It's a one-off fixed bonus per refer. 
  • No bonuses will be allocated to the introducer if the referral link or code hasn't been linked to the referred account before completing the purchase. 
  • SMSF accounts are not eligible to receive a referral bonus. 
  • The campaign is available at Wealth99 Australia only. 
  • Individuals who refer their spouse or partner for individual, super fund, trust, or
    corporate accounts will not be eligible for an incentive or bonus.