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Portfolio Balance


The Financial Statement feature will allow customers to access and download their portfolio balance report and use it for tax reporting purposes - the report will also show the vaulted coins, if applicable.


How do I download my transaction report from the Wealth99 Platform?



1. After logging into your Wealth99 account, click on "History" on the left side menu.

2. On the  "All Transactions" tab choose a filter, if you wish, and click "Export to file".

3. Select "Balance Summary".

4. Enter the date for which you want to download the Portfolio balance report and click “Export and Download.” 

5. The file will be generated, do not close the window until complete. 

6. Once ready, the file will be downloaded to your system. 

  • Note that if you have a long list of transactions, your export might take a little while to complete, but we will always email you when it's ready so you don't miss it.
  • You can also download the file by going to the "File exports" tab and clicking "Download". 

7. Once the pdf file is saved in your system, you can check your portfolio balance and use it for tax reporting purposes.