Membership Fee payment


In which currency is the membership fee deducted?

The Membership Fee is deducted according to pre-defined criteria, but you have the option to customize the order of the first three coins – FIAT, USDT, and BTC – allowing you to tailor your payment preferences and take more control over your payment method. Once you have set your preferred sequence, any subsequent coins will follow the default list as outlined.


  1. Fiat (AUD/GBP/EUR) (customizable between 1, 2, and 3)
  2. USDT (customizable between 1, 2, and 3)
  3. BTC  (customizable between 1, 2, and 3)
  4. ETH
  5. LTC
  6. ADA
  7. SOL
  8. AVA
  9. Other cryptocurrencies held on the account according to a predetermined structure.


How does the payment process work if I don't have a balance on the first coin?

If you do not have a sufficient balance in the first coin you selected for payment (e.g., AUD), the membership fee will be automatically deducted from the next available coin in your selected order (e.g., USDT). This process will continue until the fee is successfully deducted or until all available coins have been exhausted.


How do I specify my preferred payment currencies?

1.  Navigate to the "Account" section in the left menu, then select the "Membership" tab.

2. Click on 'Membership Fee Current List' to customize the order based on your preferences.

3. Simply drag and drop the coins to arrange them according to your desired sequence, then click "Confirm Changes".




How do I see my Membership Fee payments?

1.  Navigate to the "Account" section in the left menu, then select the "Membership" tab.

2. Your payment details, including billing period, amount charged, deducted currency, and payment status, will be displayed. You can also view your subscription start date and the next payment date.



The Membership Fee payments can also be seen in your transaction history.