I received a crypto gift, how do I claim it?




1. When someone buys you a Wealth99 Bundle gift, you will receive an email so you can claim your gif — If you haven’t received the email, please ensure to check your spam folder.

2. Click on “Claim Gift

3. You’ll be taken to the ‘Gifts’ section in the History tab, where the details of the sender will be displayed - You can also access this section directly after logging in to the platform and clicking on the ‘Congrats’ notification at the top. 

4. Click on "Claim".

5. A notification with the note sent by the sender of your gift will be displayed. 

6. Click "Claim".

7. To confirm you received it, click "Claim".

8. The gift has been successfully claimed. The status in the history section will be updated to ‘Claimed’.