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How to keep your account secure: Best practices


Why is it important not to give account access to anyone, including family members or friends?

Keeping your account access secure is essential to protect your funds from unauthorized access, theft, or other malicious activities. Giving someone else access to your account, even if they are someone you trust, can increase the risk of your funds being compromised.

Remember that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, which means that once a transaction is made, it cannot be undone. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your account access private to prevent unauthorized access and protect your assets.

What are the risks of sharing account access?

Sharing your account access can lead to a variety of risks, including theft, loss, or unauthorized access. If someone else has access to your account, they could potentially transfer funds out of your account, change your account settings, or even delete your account. Additionally, sharing your account access could make you vulnerable to phishing attacks or other fraudulent activities that could lead to the theft of your funds or personal information.

What should I do if someone asks me for access to my account?

It is important to remember that you should never share your account access with anyone, even with someone you know well. If someone asks you for your account access, it could be a sign of a scam or fraudulent activity. Be sure to report any suspicious activity and follow our recommendations to protect your account.

What are some best practices for keeping my account secure?

  • Use a strong and unique password for your account (16 characters at least), and use mixed letters and characters: upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security, see how to here.

  • Keep your computer and mobile devices secure by using anti-virus software and avoiding public Wi-Fi networks.

  • Regularly monitor your account activity and report any suspicious activity.

  • If you get an email from us, be sure that it comes from the @wealth99.com domain, any other email will not be from us and may be a phishing attempt.
  • Protect your credentials, Wealth99 will never ask you for your account password or access to your device.


Remember, the security of your account is crucial for the protection of your funds. By following these best practices and being vigilant about your account security, you can help keep your funds safe and secure.