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How to do your crypto taxes with Crypto Tax Calculator


About Crypto Tax Calculator (CTC)

Founded in 2018 - Crypto Tax Calculator (CTC) has grown to become one of Australia and the UK’s leading crypto tax report software tools. With a global footprint spanning across 20+ countries and a user base in the thousands, CTC is a go-to solution for unraveling the complexities of crypto tax obligations.


Why use CTC for your Wealth99 tax reporting? 

  • Homegrown Expertise: Built by Aussies for Aussies, CTC has deep insight into the Australian Tax Office (ATO) laws, as well as the local tax rules in the countries they operate in
  • Simple and transparent: User-friendly interface for stress-free reporting 
  • Designed for optimal tax outcomes: From basic to complex transactions, CTC optimizes tax results for every scenario 


Integrating your Wealth99 account with CTC - Part 1:

1.  Start by logging in to your Wealth99 account.

2.  Go to "Settings" on the left side menu, and select the "Security" tab.

3.  Click on "Create an API Key".

EDTI 014.  Insert an API Key name, check the box labeled "Enable read info" and click "Next".


5. The Google Authenticator code will be required. Insert the six-digit code from the authenticator app to proceed. (If the 2FA wasn't activated through Google Authenticator, you'll receive a six-digit code via SMS). 


6.  Copy the provided "API Key" and "API Secret". Save these credentials in a safe place. 


7.  Once you have generated your API key and Secret key, head to CryptoTaxCalculator to complete the process.


Integrating your Wealth99 account with CTC - Part 2:

1.  If you haven’t already, you can sign up for a CTC account here (this takes only a few moments).

2.  Once logged in, navigate to the "Integrations" page.

3.  Type "Wealth99" into the search bar, and click the option that appears. 

4.  Make sure the "Sync via API" option is selected, then enter your API key and Secret key.

EDIT 055.  Once you’ve connected your API successfully, make sure all the required transaction data is included before generating your required tax report.

Wrapping up

You're all set! You've successfully connected your Wealth99 data to CryptoTaxCalculator using API keys. In case you miss any transactions, you can manually import them using the Simple or Advanced CSV import feature.



Prefer video? Watch the full step-by-step tutorial here:


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@wealth99.com.



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