How do I withdraw AUD from my AUD wallet?


1. After logging into your Wealth99 account, on the Dashboard page, click on "Withdraw" on your fiat wallet. 


2. To withdraw, you must register your bank account, to do so, please click on "Click here".


3. Type in your bank account information in the respective fields - Note that the bank account holder's name must be the same as the Wealth99 account holder's name.


4. Click "Register Bank Account".

5. Confirm your bank account details and type in the amount you wish to withdraw.


6. Scroll down and click "Next".

7. Read carefully the risk warning notification and click “Continue”.

8. Double-check and confirm all transaction details.

9. Click "Withdraw AUD".


10. This will generate a two-step confirmation process:

  • First, you’ll receive a code on your registered email address.

    08 EDUT-1
  • Once you enter the code in the designated boxesyou’ll be required to Enter the 2FA code from the Google Authenticator application. If the 2FA hasn’t been activated through Google Authenticator, you’ll receive the code via SMS.


    09 EDIT-1

11. Your withdrawal request has been successfully confirmed and the transaction status is now 'Awaiting processing'. At this stage, your withdrawal request will be processed by our team into your bank account.

12. Once the withdrawal has been processed, it’ll change the status to 'Succeeded'.