How do I sell Dacxi coins?


See below the simple how-to instructions to sell Dacxi Coins.


1. Log in to your Wealth99 account.

2. In the left menu, go to "Buy & Sell".

3. Choose “Coin”.

EDIT 014. Click on the 'Select a Coin' drop-down. A list of coins will appear, select "Dacxi Coin".

EDIT 025. Select "Sell" and click on the 'Receive in' drop-down to choose which currency you'd like to receive in exchange for the sale.

EDIT 036. Enter the amount you wish to sell, see below the fee and the amount of the receiving currency that will be allocated to your account, and click “Place Order”.

  • Minimum limit of 2,000 coins per order.
  • Maximum limit of 25,000 coins per order.

EDIT 047. Double-check all the transaction details, and click "Confirm".





Dacxi Coin sales have a temporary order size limit of 50,000 coins, limited to 3 orders per day to support the building of liquidity.

Dacxi Coins can only be traded for USDT.