How do I deposit FIAT (AUD) currency?


1. Log in to the Wealth99 Australia Platform.

2. Click 'Top Up Balance' on the 'Dashboard' page's top right corner.


3. The instructions will be displayed for you to enter when making your transfer.

  • Please make sure to include your reference code when making a transfer, it's always best to copy and paste it to avoid any errors — This unique identifier is essential for processing your deposit. Transfers without it cannot be allocated.
  • Due to AML regulations, deposits must come from a bank account registered under the same name as your Wealth99 account.

4. Once we receive your payment in our bank account, it will be allocated to your wallet within 1 business day. *





*Note that there may be delays in allocating your deposits if the payment is made after 4 PM AEST, if the correct reference code is not provided, or if the payment is made from a bank account with a different account name than the Wealth99 account name.

For smooth processing and proper allocation, all transfers must include your unique reference code. This code is specific to your deposits and should not be shared with anyone else.


For more details on the importance of the reference code, please click here.