How do I change the bank account registered for fiat withdrawals?


If you need to change the bank account registered for fiat withdrawals, please submit a request, choose the topic Exchange > Bank account update, and let us know.


Our team will provide you with a link to complete a selfie check. The selfie check is divided into 2 steps in the following order:

  • ID: First, you'll be asked to take a picture of your ID (passport, driver's license, or National ID card).
  • Selfie: After the ID picture has been taken, you'll be required to perform a live selfie verification using the camera of your device. You'll be asked to look forward and then to look at each side. Check here for further instructions on how to perform the selfie verification.


This way we'll be able to confirm your identity and securely exclude your old bank account so you can update it. Once your bank account has been removed, check out here how to register a new one.