How do I buy individual coins?


You can buy individual coins via the Platform by going to "Buy and Sell" on the left menu, selecting "Coin", and choosing the coin you wish to purchase.


See the steps on how to purchase individual coins or tokens directly on the Wealth99 Platform:




1. Once logged in to your account, go to "Buy & Sell" on the left menu.

2. Select “Coin”.

3. Click on the 'Select a Coin' drop-down and choose the coin or token you wish to purchase. 

4. Select "Buy".

5. Choose the wallet you wish to use to purchase the coin or token by clicking on the 'Pay with' drop-down. 

6. Enter the amount you wish to purchase, see below the fee and the amount of crypto that will be allocated to your account, and click “Place Order”.

7. Double-check all order details and click "Confirm".




Minimum order of 500 AUD/GBP/EUR for the initial purchase.

Subsequent transactions for individual coins are subject to a minimum order of 25 AUD/GBP/EUR.

Please note that transactions on the blockchain are irreversible and final, so double-check the amount you wish to purchase as orders will be processed immediately when you have a balance in your fiat wallet.