Gifting crypto FAQs


1. How do I purchase a gift for my family and friends?

To gift someone, make sure you already have a verified Wealth99 account. You can use the balance in your Fiat wallet to complete the purchase.


2. What is the minimum purchase for a gift?

For Gifting, the normal purchase criterion applies. The minimum amount for the Blue-Chip Bundle, Blue Ocean Bundle, and Precious Metals Bundle is 50 (AUD, GBP, EURO). 


3. What if the receiver does not have an account at Wealth99?

The gift will be valid for 30 days for new users and 60 days for existing account holders. To receive a gift, they should have a registered and verified Wealth99 account.


4. What if the receiver doesn’t claim the gift within the time frame?

We will send an email to you and the receiver notifying the gift expiry. After that, the coins will be returned to the sender’s wallet.


5. Can I cancel the gift I sent?

Yes, you can cancel the gift before the receiver claims it by going to your Gift section under the History, and clicking on 'Cancel'. The receiver will get an email notification.