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End of Financial Year Statements - Koinly


To help our customers prepare their financial statements for tax purposes, Wealth99 has also partnered with Koinly


What is Koinly?

Koinly analyses market rates, and portfolio growth over time, generates your profit/loss and captain gains, income tax reports, and much more — All based on the transactions on your Wealth99 account.


How do I connect my Wealth99 account to Koinly?

To connect your Wealth99 account to Koinly, there are two options: Via API or Via CSV.

Here's what you need to know about both:

  • Via API: When connected via API, the transactions on your Wealth99 account will be automatically imported to Koinly. As new transactions are being made, they'll also be automatically synchronized to Koinly.
  • Via CSV: When connected via CSV, a CSV file must be exported from your Wealth99 account and manually uploaded to Koinly. New transactions will not be automatically synced, therefore, a new CSV file must be generated to include transactions performed after the last upload to Koinly. 

See here for instructions on how to connect your Wealth99 account to Koinly.



How do I Edit a transaction on Koinly?


1. Go to "Transactions" on the superior menu and on the first drop-down select your Wealth99 wallet.

2. All your trades will be displayed here.

3. Select a particular transaction that you want to edit, click on the 3 dots in the right corner, and then select "Edit". 

5. You will be able to change the transaction type details. 



How do I get my Tax report or Statement from Koinly?

1. On the superior menu of your Koinly account, go to "Tax Reports".

EDIT 122. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download your tax report. Koinly offers a number of tax reports that can be downloaded in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats. 

  • We strongly recommend you consult with your tax advisor or accountant for finalizing your tax statements. Wealth99 is not a tax advisor and will not be able to assist you in this matter. 

Please note that there may be fees associated with using these services.



Is Koinly free for Wealth99 customers?

Koinly is a third-party company that specializes in crypto tax reporting. The fee structure for Koinly can be viewed via this link: https://koinly.io/pricing/



Why do some transactions in the CSV files do not have a fiat value shown next to the crypto value?

Some cryptocurrency bundle allocations were processed manually in the past, and thus they do not have a fiat value attached to them. But once you upload the CSV file onto Koinly, their portal will assign the fiat value for any transactions that do not have a fiat value assigned. 



How do I check if my Wealth99 import is accurate?

If you're having any issues with your Wealth99 CSV file import, try these helpful links:

Search Koinly help center.

Go to Koinly discussion boards.

Talk to Koinly on Reddit.

Contact Koinly via email or live chat. 


You can also use the Koinly Getting Started Guide before reviewing your transactions. 



Having issues with the Koinly website? Unable to view the Tax reports from Koinly?

Koinly is a third-party vendor that we have partnered with, but we do not have control over their portal. If you have any issues or queries regarding Koinly, their portal, or functionalities, please contact the support team at Koinly https://koinly.io/contact/.

Wealth99 will be unable to help in this matter. 



Disclaimer: Koinly is not a Wealth99 service. If you decide to use Koinly, you are responsible for reviewing the third party’s service terms, website terms, and privacy policies. You agree that third parties, and not Wealth99, are responsible for the performance of Koinly and the content on their website. Links to third-party websites will open new browser windows. Except where noted, Wealth99 accepts no responsibility for content on third-party websites.