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Creating a Crypto Tax Report with Syla


Easily sync your Wealth99 transactions into Syla to generate your Crypto Tax Report.

What’s in this article?

  • How to register an account on Syla.
  • How to setup an API Sync to Syla (recommended).
  • How to import CSV files to Syla.


How to register an account on Syla

You’ll need to first register an account on Syla and then add Wealth99 as a data source.

1.  Go to Syla and click Sign Up to register an account.

syla EDIT 01After sign up you’ll be prompted to add your first data source.

2.  Start typing “Wealth99”(1) in the search bar.

3.  Then select the Wealth99 (2) data source.

syla EDIT 024.  You can choose to either import your Wealth99 data using an API Sync (recommended) or by uploading your CSV files with a File Import.

syla EDIT 03



How to setup an API Sync to Syla (recommended)

This is the simplest and most comprehensive way to import your Wealth99 data into Syla.

1.  Login to Wealth99.

2.  Click Settings on the left menu, and then select the Security (1) tab.

3.  Click Create an API Key (2).

API EDIT 014.  Enter Syla as the API Key name (1).

5.  Tick Enable Read Info (2).

6.  Click Next (3).


7.  Enter your Two-Factor Code if prompted.


8.  Copy the API Key (1) and paste into Syla.

9.  Copy the Secret (2) and paste into Syla.

10.  Tick the checkbox (3) and click Confirm (4).


11.  In Syla, click Secure Sync.


Note: It’s perfectly safe to Enable Read Info with Syla. With Read-Only access, Syla will only be able to view your transaction history. Further instructions and support can be found on Syla.



How to import your CSV file to Syla

It’s easy to export your All Transactions History CSV from your Wealth99 account and import into Syla:

1.  Login to Wealth99.

2.  Open the left sidebar and click History.

3.  Click Filters (1).

4.  Ensure Currency is set to All CurrenciesStatus is set to All Statuses, and Type is set to All Types.

5.  Click Export (2).

CSV EDIT 016.  Click All Transactions History (1).


7.  For File Extension select CSV (Text file) (1).

8.  Click Export (2).


9.  Wait for the export to finish processing, then navigate to the File Exports (1) tab and click Download (2).

CSV EDIT 0410.  In Syla, upload your All Transactions History CSV to your Wealth99 data source and click Secure Import.


Further instructions and support can be found on Syla.



Disclaimer: Syla is not a Wealth99 service. If you decide to use Syla, you are responsible for reviewing the third party’s service terms, website terms, and privacy policies. You agree that third parties, and not Wealth99, are responsible for the performance of Syla and the content on their website. Links to third-party websites will open new browser windows. Except where noted, Wealth99 accepts no responsibility for content on third-party websites.