Auto Buy questions, answered


Can the Auto Buy function be activated in a previous order?

No, the Auto Buy feature can only be activated when placing a new order.


At what price will my Auto Buy order be filled at?

Purchase orders will be filled at the market-based price at the time of the day specified. Therefore, the coins' prices may fluctuate between order repeats and will not remain the same as the initial order.


Can I use any crypto to place Auto Buy orders?

No, the Auto Buy feature is only available for purchases using fiat and USDT wallets.


What happens if I don't have a balance in my wallet at the time of the repeat purchase?

The first repeat purchase without balance will fail, and the second repeat purchase without balance will fail and cancel the remaining Auto Buy orders.


Auto buy order: 1,000 USDT
Purchase: BTC
Frequency: Every month
Duration: 10 months


Month USDT Balance Pre-order Order Status Auto Buy status USDT Balance Post-order
1 1,000 Processed Active 0
2 1,000 Processed Active 0
3 1,000 Processed Active 0
4 300 Failed Active 300
5 300 Failed Cancelled 300
6 300 -- Cancelled 300
7 300 -- Cancelled 300
8 300 -- Cancelled 300
9 300 -- Cancelled 300
10 300 -- Cancelled 300